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Our Russian brides dating agency holds the series of socials for our clients during a year. There are some stereotypes about beautiful Russian brides among the men. Read this article and it may help you to destroy the myths about the beauties.
So, you are going to the social. Surely, there will be a lot of sexual brides you will be eager to get acquainted with. There will also a lot of men, and your task is to turn out to be more attractive and interesting than those men. There are some myths that prevent you from becoming a very interesting man:
So, now you have a considerable advantage before the other men: you have got rid of the most typical delusions that hinder much to get acquainted with a Russian bride.

Turn the usual social into the party of flirt

The first thing that comes to woman's attention is your appearance. As that is the only way she can give you the mark till now. So, any negligence is available. The shirt should be clean and the trousers are ironed. There are shouldn't be any heavy metallic chains on the neck and wide rings on the fingers.
You came to the party, and now you have to choose the lady that you will court among large amount of Russian brides. No doubt, you chose the most beautiful one. All the other men chose the same woman. You shouldn't start to court her right away, it would be better to wait and to see how the other do that and what will be the end for them. If one of your rival succeeded, and all the party long he is with her and he entertains her with talking, and it seems like that pleases her. We can make the conclusion, that she really likes and values the real flirt. For her flirt between the man and woman is something that is supposed to happen. And your court will be as pleasant for her.
Now, you have to intrigue the woman you liked to strike your rival off. For these cases it is better to have the pen and the notebook, so you could write the designing note (you can use the help of interpreter here). Of course, it should be anonymous.
Also you need to find someone who would give her that note. At the club or the social this person can be someone from the service staff. The note should be short, in some common words you should tell the woman how beautiful and wonderful she is, and that you truly admire her. And actually that she is the only one who is worth your coming to the party, etc. Though you shouldn't in the note admire her parts of body: legs, eyes or hair. That can look vulgar. Just choose the common words.
The moment the woman will receive the note she will start to look for the men with her eyes. She will look for the person who could actually write to her. As she wouldn't be able find anyone, she will make up a character of the man right away, who would be brave, noble, polite, etc. The man that was with her will be left over. And she will even try to get rid of him, because there are many men, like he is that court her. But the love notes at the parties she hardly got before. The Russian women like the delicate flirt, and she will wait for the continuance with anticipation. And the continuance will be in ten minutes.
You can come up and say the exact words that were in the note (how wonderful she is and that you admire her). The main thing is to make her understand that you are the person that wrote the note. By the way, you already became the character of man that is noble and brave. And everything that you have to do is to be keeping with it. And to keep with this character is very easy. Because most of the men can't do the elementary things, as tell the compliments, kiss the hand, move up the chair and to put the coat on the shoulders, when the woman is going to leave. The men are not thinking about such "trifles" or they consider that behavior silly and funny. The Russian brides always pay attention for that kind of man.
If you don't know what to talk about with the woman that you just got acquainted tell her compliments. Believe, there are can't be too many compliments. Women are self-enamoured creatures. Pay attention how much time the beautiful woman can spend near the mirror, taking care of her hairdressing, going by circles. And she will look at her reflections in all the mirrors that she will be able to find, she will look into the dark car windows, and she will even look at her reflection in the puddle. And it is not because she worries about her appearance. Not at all. She just admires her appearance. So, become that mirror, that is the most expressive, true, and mainly authoritatively will tell her that she is more beautiful, more interesting and brighter than other women.
By the way, Russian brides always greet that kind of politeness and attentiveness. And you can't just let her go home: who knows what can happen. It is dangerous for the woman to walk alone at night in the streets. Of course, you should call for a taxi, but before letting her go ask her to call her when she would get home, and "in case" take her phone number. She will be touched and admired by such a manifestation of attention. You won't get the decline nor in asking for telephone number, nor in asking for a date.


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